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New England Connection

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Even though we are a grass roots organization with limited resources, we do not cut corners with the care of our dogs.

Each dog entering the program is:


    Quarantined at our Veterinarian's clinic for a minimum of 10 days


    Fully examined by a Veterinarian


    Spayed/Neutered if not already done and medically possible


    Heartworm tested, treated if necessary and monthly prevention started


    Brought up-to-date on vaccinations, including Canine Influenza


    Micro chipped using AKC/CAR if not previously done

If you are interested in adopting one of our available dogs, you must complete an adoption application. The New England volunteers verify references and visit homes to insure the environment is suitable for our goldens. Our veterinarian is more than willing to speak with any approved adopter about concerns or questions they may have prior to the adoption or during the transition period.

Once a match is made, transportation will be arranged. Because we use volunteers only for our transports, it can take a few weeks to make this happen. We do not use professional dog transport services. Stops are made at least every four hours for walks and water during the transport. We do not drive overnight, so the dogs are allowed to rest.

There is a 14 day trial period with all adoptions.

Occasionally a dog will travel to New England with a transport, if a foster home is available. Transportation fees still apply to these adoptions.