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Sammie came to Heartland with an injured front leg. With the assistance of a generous donor, Sammie had water therapy to strength the leg.  She traveled to her new home in Connecticut with the help of PilotsNPaws. A montage from Sammie's journey may be found here.





Jeremy, Noah and Shadow-Connecticut


We adopted Jeremy Blaze in the spring of 2003. We had just lost a very precious Golden we adopted from another Golden Rescue in MA. We were told by a dear friend who is affiliated with various Golden Rescues across the country that if we wanted a Golden that was totally a lover boy like the one we lost, “Pauline is the one who can find you one". We immediately set out to contact Pauline and adopt our very talented and precious Jeremy Blaze.


Immediately one of our other Golden rescues taught him to swim. I think it took ONE day! Jeremy at first acted like he never saw water before. As we live on the lake, we find ourselves trying to teach our rescues how to swim. Toby  taught him to dive off the dock and swim like a fish in no time and from then on, Jeremy Blaze thrived in the water! He by far swims the best of all our Rescued Goldens and we have adopted many dogs since 1996. He dives, he retrieves tennis balls, he’s so limber and he’s a lover boy for sure!!



Our very sweet Noah was turned in down in Georgia by his owner at age 8. Rich and I said to ourselves, “this boy has our name all over him!!” So, Pauline arranged to send Noah up north.


From the moment he set foot in this house, Noah fit right in and was totally, totally at home! We have adopted many Golden rescues and each time it is rather chaotic for the first few days trying to get them all to adjust to their new member of the pack. Noah was the TOTAL exception, however! He came into the house, lay down and proceeded to roll over on his back and go to sleep. The others didn’t appear to even notice he was here! He was a “true southern gentleman”. He was gentle, loving and got along with cats, dogs and everyone! We took him to pet expo’s for HGRR and everyone loved him and he was so patient with even young children petting him and hugging him. His seizures were very mild compared to what we had previously encountered and he had a great life here swimming with the others.



We adopted Shadow from our vet in New Hampshire. He was up there for placement from HGRR. We saw Shadow one time when we were up there with our other dogs and fell in love with him.


We went back again to our vet in Fremont, New Hampshire and he was still there. This time, having lost one of our dear boys, we said it’s time so we adopted him. He supposedly had separation anxiety by history but we never, ever had any signs of that once we got him home to Connecticut.


He’s not fond of the lake but he sure likes the inside life of couches and beds! He loves long walks in the wooded trails nearby so he does like the outdoors but just not the swimming.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and wants to take him home with them. Of course, we won’t hear of such!!





Shelby-North Carolina


We adopted Shelby in October 2008.  I hope she thinks her life is as great as the great life she has given to us. 
We were a little concerned when we first brought her home because she just wanted to stay under the bed.  That was a real challenge for an 80 pound girl.  She would especially get under there when we had a storm.  We were very patient and eventually she learned that it was much more comfortable on the bed.  Now she sleeps right beside me every night.  She loves to take car rides and go on trips.  She has been to Charleston, SC 3 times.  She plays with a variety of toys, but her favorites is a plushy cow that has several squeakers on it.  She makes us laugh continuously and is so full of love.  I have to admit she has a stubborn streak, but we are pushovers and allow her to rule the roost most of the time.  We got a little carried away with giving her treats so she gained 10 pounds in the first year we had her.  We have managed to work 6 pounds off with cutting back on food and walking often.  She is so in love with her dad that sometimes I think she is going to lick his face off.  In fact, she loves people in general and gets real excited when she has company.  She does pretty well with other dogs, but definitely wants to be the one in control.







Last year during the 2008/2009 Christmas holidays we lost our wonderful 14 year old Golden Retriever named Lacy.  Although it was extremely sad for our entire family, we knew that he was in a better place and was no longer in pain.  Our children Tyler (8) and Sophia (6) loved Lacy very much, so our hope was to find another Golden companion to make us all feel happy again.


This started our search through several Golden Retriever Rescue groups.  It was from Gail at Golden Valley Rescue that I found Pauline at Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue.  I proceeded to filled out the required paperwork for approval, had a volunteer visit our home, and then was asked to view the available Goldens on-line.


At first we thought to adopt a younger Golden, but after reading the various profiles and asking Pauline for her opinion, she paired us with “Buffy”. Buffy was a 6 year old Golden who was described as “having a sad life outdoors”.  We all looked at her photo and decided that this was the perfect match for our family. .


It is almost a year since Buffy has been with us and she continues to adjust beyond our expectations.  Her calm, well mannered, and always happy personality is a perfect combination for Tyler and Sophie.  Tyler loves to help feed Buffy and fill her water bowl, while Sophie enjoys brushing her hair and wrapping warm blankets and placing stuffed animals around her. Buffy continues to enjoy the constant love and attention from all of us. She enjoys her home indoors and protected from the winter cold. She enjoys her walks, going for a car rides, playing in her fenced yard, and even going for a swim in the summer. She has changed our lives as much as we’ve changed hers. Buffy recently celebrated her 7th Birthday and we look forward to celebrating many more with her.  Thanks to Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue, we have added this amazing dog Buffy to our family.






Melanie and Heidi-Vermont


Melanie – From never being allowed inside, constantly running away and staying in the humane society to a cozy warm bed and loving arms – that’s life for Mel now.  She went from not paying attention to us to a loving obedient girl.  She has been part of our family since she was 8 years old.  She is so full of life and loves to go for long walks and play with toys. 


Heidi – Heidi is the sweetest, most loving caring girl ever.  Heidi has been part of our family since she was 6.  She loves to play, snuggle and go for rides in the car.  She is always there for us providing love.  She is kind to everyone and everything.






Heartland's Samuel Adams, RN, THD, CGC-Maine


Sam has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a great companion to his sister, Maggie. Sam visits the local Hospice House each week. He enjoys going to work with his Mom and rolling in the snow. Sam is our second Heartland dog. We also have fostered four Heartland dogs. Sam recently earned his  Rally Novice and THD titles from the AKC.





Lily-Rhode Island


Lily was adopted a few years ago. She is about 5-6 years old. Lily enjoys taking naps with her brother Noah.







I was not planning to go to Goldstock 2009 but after we lost 3 of our precious Goldens in the previous 6 months, I asked Pauline to be on the lookout for another boy for us.  Boone came into our lives.  He was a loved family member before being turned over to Heartland and he is a loved member of our family now.  He was delivered to Goldstock and I went for 24 hours, just to pick him up and see my old friends.  The next weekend, Boone and I went to Camp Lucy in NH, where he achieved his CGC!  He is quite another ball loving boy and runs like a gazelle.












I showed up at Goldstock 2007 with Meggie and Chumley, ready to enjoy the weekend with two of my Goldens.  Low and behold, Heartland GRR brought Grant up from TN and he was available for adoption.  A Goldstock friend brought him over to me and said "please, can you take him home with you?"  He was a true blessing for the almost 2 years that we had him.  He was such a character and we loved him dearly.  He left for the Bridge in July of 2009.  We miss him every day.







Ferris and Cameron-New Hampshire


Ferris was rescued in April of 2006 and the only history that we had about him was that he was a severely abused boy. Wehn he first came to us, he used to hide under beds, in closets and in his crate. Nearly four years later, he has learned to dance when the stereo is on, bark when he wants my attention (or supper) and while he is still jittery at times, only the camera or a thunderstorm will make him hide.


Cameron was rescued in June 2006, the result of being hit by a car and having a severe leg injury. He was and still is high energy and the instigator of many wrestling matches with Ferris or the humans. Since coming to NH, he has been fighting horrible skin allergies, but puts up with it like a trooper. He is also one of the main reasons that Ferris has become the dog he is.






















Maisie-New Jersey


Maisie was rescued by HGRR when she was sold by a breeder to a family who could not keep her as she had a heart problem. When the breeder intended to have her PTS. HGRR stepped in an rescued this 9 week puppy! My husband and I were thrilled to make her a part of our family. Although Maisie was not a candidate for surgery as she has multiple heart issues and has been on a couple of medicines daily since we have her, our Maisie does not recognize she has any limitations and rules the roost with her 3 Golden brothers! She is quite a feisty little redhead and we adore her! The picture is Masie (now nearly 4 years old) with Kobe, Grady and Yogi.






I met Jake in the vet hospital in NH.  He was there for some caretaking from Heartland Rescue.  He had been living there approximately 6 months when I saw a picture and asked to meet him.  He was a bit slow moving due to arthritis, but otherwise healthy.  Jake was over 10 years old and difficult to place.  The whole staff loved him.  Within a week, he came home with me and my dog Max.  On our first walk around the neighborhood, I was stopped by a group of young twenty somethings.  They were in awe that my dog was "smiling".  It made my day!  Jake never lost his smile from the day he came home....and neither did I. 






Gabbie and Hollyberry-Maine

Our family adopted Gabbie and Hollyberry from Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

Gabbie (now about 8 years old) came to us a a shy but very lovable golden, who had always been an "outside/yard dog".  While she still
doesn't get this concept of snow (she was from Southern Virginia, after all), she loves living the good life - and living inside a warm home - in
Maine with her 7-year-old boy and lazy cat!

Hollyberry (now about 12-13 years old) originally came to us as a foster dog until another home was found for her.  After several months, we
decided that Hollybery fit in so well with our family, that we didn't want anyone else to have her!  Holly, though from Tennessee, just LOVES
the snow. In fact, she's so crazy in the snow, that we have to keep her inside when we snow blow the yard or she turns into the abominable
snow dog.

Both goldens have adjusted wonderfully since being adopted from Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue and are enjoying their forever homes.





Emmy and Zoe-New York


These are our Heartland girls, Emmy and Zoe (formerly Vickie) on their morning deer watch in Rochester, NY. The divine Miss Em (as her foster mother in TN nicknamed her) has been with us over 4 years. She is as loving and laid back as they come. We really added some zip to her life this September when we brought Zoe back from Goldstock. Initially we were planning on fostering, but before we left Godlstock, we had decided to adopt. (Susanne from HGRR of New England had decked her out with a fluffy clown boa around her neck and who could resist that)! They are as different as can be but a great duo. Zoe is still working through quirks form her past life and enjoying some silly puppy hood which was put on hold by the three litters she bad before she was 3 years old.

Life is good.








Sandy was adopted through Heartland.  Her official name is "Heartland's Tracking Sand".  Her Gotcha day was September 2nd, 2004, my birthday, at Goldstock.  She was 10 months old at that time.  Riley was at Camp, and met the van when Pauline arrived.  He and Sandy got on IMMEDIATELY, playing tug-o-war, swimming and sleeping together the very first night.





I adopted Melba earlier this fall from Heartland.  She has been absolutely wonderful!  She is about 5-6 years old.  My girls are thoroughly enjoying
her, too.



Laci-New Hampshire

We understand that Laci had a litter of 8 pups when she was about a year old.  Her owners kept her on a rope in the yard and those puppies
were still taking nourishment from her at 12 weeks.  She became skin and bones, a lot of her hair fell out, and she was a sad, neglected
little girl.  It happened that my husband's parents lived in Rochester, NY, which is where Laci's foster home was.  When we found
that out, we were sure this was fate, as my husband was making a trip from our home in NH to Rochester the very next week.  I had just
fallen in love with her sweet face and begged him to bring her home.

He visited her foster home where she lived with another older golden and a cat.  She was well adjusted, but still quite thin and scrawny
looking.  He brought her home and what a blessing she has been for us.  She immediately behaved as though she had always lived here, going to
sleep in her doggie bed in our bedroom that first night and letting us know when she wanted to go out.  Every day she makes us laugh, smile
and feel grateful she is in our lives.

She is a quiet dog, but over these last couple of years has learned to "talk" to us when she is excited to go out, either to walk or just be
a crazy dog running all around the yard with her toys.  She especially enjoys her stuffed duck, shaking him from side to side and growling.
Very funny.  Laci has more personality than any other dog we have had, and beyond any question, she is my husband's baby.  She is his shadow.
She thinks she's a lap dog (only with him).

And our neighbors love her, often bringing her treats or toys.  She has made her own friends, a chocolate lab, Homer, next door, and Tori,
the black lab across the street.  Laci is actually our second rescue Golden, and we highly recommend rescuing a Golden and bringing love,
laughter and joy to your home too.



Tansy and Toast-New York
I have 2 rescues right now from Heartland.  One is named Tansy and the other is named Toast.Needless to say they are wonderful. Tansy is a Therapy Dog.  She has just earned her TDIEVA.  
This means that she has done more than 350 DOCUMENTED visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Toast is learning to be a Therapy Dog. (I have only had her for a few months).  
When she is certified she is going to be an amazing therapy dog - she is just a natural at it. As you can tell my dogs are very special, but I guess everyone says the same thing. I am a 
repeat adopter, Tansey and Toast are my third and fourth goldens from Heartland.




Heartland's Magnolia RN, THD, CGC-Maine


Maggie relocated to the Northeast in May of 2007.  After several months of living in a shelter, Maggie has blossomed into a sweet and loving companion. Maggie earned her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certification and is a reading dog at the local public library. She goes to work with her Mom two or three days a week, greeting the students, faculty and staff in Mom's office. Maggie recently earned her THD title from the AKC.



For more information: 4infoNE@heartlandgoldenrescue.org